Our primary goal with the EDGE 8-Week Athlete's Camp is to not only increase the performance of each athlete, but to also improve and positively influence the athletes' integrity and character off the field or court. We pride ourselves on building physically AND mentally strong athletes. At EDGE Sports Performance we promote athletic and academic progress, character development, leadership and overall personal evolution. We have built our program around 6 principles: Physical Conditioning, Mental Conditioning, Nutrition, Leadership, Athletic and Academic Development. No matter your sport, you will gain an EDGE on the competition by participating in this program.

Our innovative training curriculum has a structured foundation that evolvesto meet the need of each athlete, regardless of age or gender. With that said, the Athletes Camp is perfect for boys and girls/young men and women who participate in ANY sport. Although each sport is unique and has it's own physical demands, nothing beats the athlete who is simply stronger, faster, quicker, and more fit. Many schools and organizations have strength training programs in place; however, based on our own experience, those programs don't cater to each individual athlete. Due to our limited, exclusive class sizes, we are able to ensure each athlete is performing at their best. Strength training technique and sprinting mechanics, for example, are extremely important elements that we emphasize so that our athletes stay safe, injury-free and get the most out of each workout.

Each Camp consists of 8-weeks in which there will be three workouts per week. Our goal with the length of this program (8 weeks) and the frequency of the training (3x per week) is to build accountability, consistency and results within our athletes.

Now for the biggest question. Cost.

Our extensive program is competitively priced and valued at a one-time payment of $299. At this bundled price for 24 sessions (8 weeks/3x per week), each workout breaks down to be a fraction of the cost for personal training or one-on-one coaching-- although we offer both of those options as well, should that be what your athlete needs. The quality of our small group sessions is second-to-none! In fact, it is given that when athletes train together, they tend to push themselves harder; thereby, eliciting greater results. For families or athletes on a budget, you can't be the value that our group rate provides.

At the end of the day, performing well on the playing field is the desire and goal of each athlete.All of our coaches for this program were former athletes at either the high school, collegiate and/or professional level. We've personally learned what has worked and what hasn't. We understand the demands and goals that an athlete possesses. The daily grind and stresses that an athlete endures on a frequent basis is something we can relate with too. Through our experience, learning, and research, we coach our athletes to be the best individuals on the field and off the field. The makings of a great athlete is reflected by his or her performance not only in sport, but also school, life and relationships.


  • Mike Woods Jr. (mwoodsjr6@gmail.com)
    • Former Arena Football Player
    • USAW and NASM-CPT Certified
    • Indiana State University Football Alumni
    • Former Head Strength Coach at Crispus Attucks High School

  • Jason Chrapek (jasonchrapek@gmail.com)
    • Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology, IUPUI 2015
    • Bachelors of Science Degree in Health and Fitness, Purdue University 2011
    • Served as intern for Purdue University Strength and Conditioning
    • Former High School Athlete and current Powerlifter



1017 Country Club Rd., Indianapolis, IN

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